For the longest time people have told us that they love what we do but wish we offered something at a lower price point. The Frankel Family is proud to announce the launch of a new, separate company called BuildFBG, focused on making our build on your lot program more accessible.

We have created a new product leveraging three decades of know-how as an industry leader, our talent, design experience, and our purchasing volume.

We will deliver a superior quality home, with great value, speed, efficiency, and a LEED for Homes certification.

For more information, please call 713.623.4646 or fill out the form.




"Our overall experience has actually been fun and enjoyable...If I ever have a friend building a home or I ever construct another one I would not hesitate to recommend or use the Frankel’s...We spent a lot of time on the design and we think it fits our lifestyle and family the best."

- Will Shapely

"Saw the article about you in the Houston Business Journal (Taking control from the foundation to the roofline, 9/09/11) and wanted to say congratulations!! Sounds like you and your company are doing well. Keep up the good work! Judy and I are enjoying our Frankel built house and always have good things to say about your organization. People are continually amazed the we built a new house and actually enjoyed working with our builder!"

— James H. Behrmann, CFA

"Just to let you know we are excited to see the first level of framing on our new house!! Having built a number of homes and watching literally hundreds built over the years, I remain highly impressed with the structural integrity you put into your houses. I don't believe anyone, including the highest end builders in Carlton Woods, builds a house more solidly than you. Keep up the good work!!"

— Jack and Anne

"The experience we had building our home with Jim Frankel Homes was awesome. As anyone who has built a home knows, it can be a very trying experience. I can honestly say, Jim and all of his associates actually made it fun for us! They were easy to work with and made it a great experience from start to finish."

— Ellen Robinson

"We have been highly impressed by Frankel Building Group since our initial meeting. FBG offers an unparalleled quality and experience. They are friendly, positive, honest, and extremely knowledgeable on the entire building process. Each step of the whole process is organized and efficient, and they continue to keep us on the budget. All of our meetings have been scheduled in a timely manor and have been productive. FBG has made this home building experience fun and stress free. We have really enjoyed working with each member of the Frankel Building Group team. I would absolutely recommend the Frankel Building Group to others!"

- Jennifer Hanson

"Our house is serving us very well....It is by far the most comfortable home I have ever lived in....The house is always the exact temperature I want it, with a perfect humidity level...I can not under-state how important that was to me, and it is nearly perfect. Utility bills are also very reasonable, so I am thrilled with it. The quality level of the house itself is so high, that when I walk into other peoples houses now I notice the differences...they are often subtle but very noticeable once you have lived the difference. Its the little details that make the difference and I can say that not many details were over looked....Its been 2 years, and there are only 1, maybe 2 things I would do different if I did it all again, and that is saying a lot, because I am very picky."

- Mark Ring